PDR Electrical Engineers appreciate the importance of the correct level and type of lighting and understand how it can enhance, inspire and influence wellbeing.

Correctly designed and installed energy efficient Lighting Installations have the potential to achieve significant energy related cost savings.

For many years PDR Electrical Engineers have designed and installed energy efficient lighting installations.

From initial site surveys and designs, PDR Electrical Engineers identify and recommend energy saving measures which can be incorporated into the Lighting Installation.

Detailed designs are submitted with CAD illustrations for approval along with costings for the Lighting Installation, detailed energy costs and potential energy savings.

PDR Electrical Engineers regularly advise on the best type of lighting for each particular Lighting Installation location and application.

Technical advice can be given on the various types of lighting, along with explanations for the advantages and disadvantages of the different types and range of lighting.

Specific considerations given to Lighting Type, Luminous Efficiency, Colour Appearance, Colour Rendering and Lamp Life.

Emergency Lighting

PDR Electrical Engineers have the experience to design, install and maintain Emergency Lighting Systems to ensure compliance with British Standards (BS 5266 as amended). Emergency Escape Lighting including Escape Route Lighting, Open Area Lighting and High Risk Task Area Lighting Installations are also included.

Types of Lighting

PDR Electrical Engineers have installed many different types of lighting including; LED, High Frequency Fluorescent, Metal Halide and Induction Lighting.


Lighting Installations include; Offices, Hospitals, Factories, Power Stations, Car Parks, Shops, Displays, Churches, Grade 1 listed Buildings, Bridges, Roads, Stockyards, Hazardous Areas.