PDR Electrical Engineers provide a comprehensive Electrical Decommissioning Service. From the Safe Electrical Isolations of Electricity Supplies, Cable Tracing, and Cable Spiking to the removal of Equipment and Strip Out of Cabling and Containment.

High Voltage Switchgear, Transformers, Low Voltage Switchboards, Power Distribution Equipment, Control Gear and Lighting is Safely removed by qualified and competent engineers.

Prior to the undertaking of any Electrical Decommissioning work, Heath and Safety Hazards are identified including the presence of hazardous substances and materials which have historically been used in the manufacture of Electrical Equipment including Asbestos, PCB’s (Polychlorinated Biphenyl), Mercury, Sodium, acids and alkaline.

Polychlorinated Biphenyl was used in the manufacture of capacitors using various trade names. Some of which are; ACECLOR, AROCLOR, BICLOR, CLORINOL, CLOPHEN, DUCONOL, DISCONOL, DIACHLOR, HIVAR, HYDOL, PYRALENE, PYRANOL, SIKLONYL, SOLVOL,THERMINOL.

When hazardous substances are identified or suspected, samples are safely collected and taken to be analysed at independent accredited Laboratories. The results help in determining the safe method of removal and disposal.

Materials are segregated into individual recycling waste streams for safe environmental disposal.